The holidays are descending upon us quickly and already the streets are lit up with multi-color displays, inflatable snowmen, and decorations of all shapes and sizes. Every day more vehicles drive by sporting an evergreen tree and smiling families. This season we decided to spend a little time contemplating one of history’s oldest mysteries, the identity of Santa Claus.

Why Do We Want to Know?

dec-santaAdmittedly, we’re just curious. Aren’t you? From our childhood we have been chasing this ever elusive fellow who by all accounts is a huge person, yet can still fit down modern day chimney pipes, without making tracks on the carpet. Think of the headlines, “Denver Real Estate Company Unveils the Mystery behind the Red Suit”. We might even get our pictures in the paper. We have challenged ourselves to mine every piece of data, pull up tracking from the last 35 years, and do in-depth interviews with every eyewitness in the Denver metro. We will find out who this is.

Does Santa Really Exist?

christmas-cookiesAt New Era Group we love this time of year. We get to walk thought wonderfully decorated homes, smell the delicious treats, and marvel at the presents under the trees. Everyone we work with, from mortgage brokers to house cleaners, and real-estate agents to home owners have a bigger smiles and more infectious laughs. We can also tell because of all the wonderful thank you treats which show up at our office, although there is speculation they are coming from the local restaurants. Our research team assures us these results clearly show that this sort of activity must be the result of an exceptional person.

Other Evidence of Good Cheer

Did you ever notice that what happens when someone is out of town during the holiday season? Miraculously the driveways continue to be shoveled. Newspapers and mail continue to be picked up, packages are kept safe, and lights are turned on. In addition, people are humming, smiling, hugging, and sledding. Who else but Santa could make this kind of difference?

So, who is Santa Claus?

santa-wants-youWe’ve drawn this out too far and it’s time to unwrap the intrigue, untie the bows, and put this person in the center of the season’s lights. The truth is, you’re Santa Claus. Every time you take chicken noodle soup to your neighbor’s house, help hang lights, work together to rake leaves, watch each others children, and simply smile at one another. In a world so full of strife, you are the lights of your neighborhood and the hope of all our children. When you move to a new home you bring your light with you, and when you invite in a new neighbor, both your lights shine brighter. So here’s to you Santa. Thank you for making this a great year and giving us hope for the next.

P.S. We promise not to tell the children. Happy Holidays.