Imagine a normal Saturday afternoon…

Your phone rings and it’s your real estate agent calling to inform you they have a hot buyer from out of town who needs to see your house before they catch their flight. Or maybe, you are ready to go out and tour a few homes and your babysitter cancels at the last minute.

As your heart begins to race you frantically grab whatever you can to entertain your children and suddenly realize this could be the longest day of your life!


Disclaimer: This is not an article about what to do in an apocalyptic event, however, this information may save you from a day of pure terror.  🙂


Enter the “Bug Out Bag”

While not a national emergency, being prepared will always bring you peace of mind when you’re selling your house or looking for your next home. There will be occasions when you might have to leave the house in a hurry or need to bring your children with you. While most days in Denver are beautiful, you don’t want to be stuck in the car during a rainy or snowy day without anything to do. I have found that there are always some key components to have ready for just such an occurrence.


Start with the Basics

Packing a bag full of some of your children’s favorite toys, games, and electronics will not only help you on long car trips but give you multiple options. Make sure the toys and games can be easily accessed and are small enough to be taken anywhere. In addition, beware of games with small pieces that can be dropped or lost under seats. Puzzles are usually not the best idea. Another option is to bring coloring books or pads with the markers or crayons attached. You can use string or yarn to attach them or have them easily accessible for your children. Word of warning, if you’re touring a home, leave the crayons and markers in the car!


Electronic Devices for Any Home Showing

If your go-to entertainment devices are games, pads, or electronic, always keep extra charging cords and a card adapter in the car, especially if you are going to be out for a while. In addition, pack small toys or items that your children can hold and play with if they are with when going into a home. This will keep them occupied and their hands-off breakable items. Do a quick check to ensure they have them when you leave. Also include items that you can play with outside. Balls, kites, and frisbees are always great to have on-hand.


Snacks are a Good Thing

Having non-perishable snacks like gummy bears stocked in your vehicle is also good idea. Keeping a fresh supply of prepackaged fruits, vegetables, and drinks in your refrigerator at all times will also make the process of leaving your home more easily. Keep a small travel cooler in the car or nearby so you can move quickly. This will also be advantageous if you have small children who need bottles. Remember to pick items that are hard to spill, don’t stain, or leave crumbs everywhere. Last but not least, never forget the wipes. Accidents happen. Baby wipes are always a great idea regardless of the age of your children or spouse. Keep these handy at all times.


Get Help from Your Biggest Influencers

Having your kids help you pack the bug out bags will not only be a fun project, but then you’ll avoid some of the lack of interest when it comes time to use it. If you find you’re using it often swap out a few toys and games to keep it fresh. You’ll never regret it. Now go back that bag and be ready for your next dash out the door.