Springtime in Denver

The flowers are waking up, the grass is turning green, the trees are budding, and the muddy shoes are multiplying by the front door, the living room, and any place that once was clean. Ordinarily, this is just a minor inconvenience and warrants only a mid-level “stink-eye” towards the offending party, but when you’re trying to sell your house and people are on the way over, the last thing you want to find is huge muddy mess on the floor.

It’s Colorado and we live here because of the beautiful scenery and ability to get outdoors all year long. You may be able to instruct your children as to which door to use when their feet are dirty but there are some, yes husbands, that often seem to forget. So, unless you invent an electronic mud detection app that warns you of the impending mudocalype you need to have a plan.

Great Ideas for Muddy Shoes

  • One of the simplest solutions is the boot tray. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials. They can be decorative or simple depending on your needs and tastes. If you put one by each door, and gently encourage all family and guests to put their shoes in them immediately when they enter it will definitely help curb the spread of mud. Check out this site for some great ideas for boot trays.
  • A temporary option is carpet squares. Generally, you can pick these up cheaply at most flooring or home improvement stores. These can be quickly disposed in the case of a last-minute showing. Car mats work great for this as well. Having a few of these near the back door or garage door will give everyone a place to toss their shoes quickly. You can find inexpensive versions at thrift or discount stores.
  • You might also want to consider plastic tubs. You can have a few of these placed in strategic locations. If you have guests or potential buyers coming by you can simply put on the lid and stack them neatly in the garage. Boxes also work well for this and can be recycled or composted if they start to get too soiled.

Be Prepared for the Inevitable

Regardless of the precautions you take someone will throw a muddy shoe right in the middle of the floor. Note, he was identified earlier. It is a good idea to keep a cleanup kit handy. A small bucket with a spray bottle, paper towels, a small brush and dust pan, and trash bags will be very handy for small spills. In most cases water works best so you don’t risk the chance of harming flooring or discoloring carpet with cleaners. If it gets a little out of hand, try some of these tips.

Reward Good Behavior

Finally, if your family is working together to keep things clean while your selling your house then give them a little reward. Maybe a piece of candy, special treat, or extra time on the computer for helping out. Some sellers have even created a point system that can be redeemed for bigger prizes if they put things where they below and help keep things clean. Be creative and inventive, and the results will be amazing.


Give us a Call for More Suggestions

Even in this market it helps to make your home as appealing as possible when selling. We love Denver and have been selling homes here in the snow, rain, sun, and mud. We know what works and what to not to do. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to talk to you about making the process easier. Oh, and if you do develop that mud app let me know, I’ll take three.