It looks like things are starting to open up and we certainly hope for the best.

However, it’s not too late to find fun things to do while you stay safe at home.

Check out our top 20!

  1. Learn to Play a Song on an Instrument

  2. Create Your Own Cocktail (or learn a few)

  3. Learn a New Language

  4. Complete a Jigsaw Puzzle

  5. Watch Movies you have missed

  6. Handwrite a Letter to Someone Special

  7. Clean Out & Organize Your Closet

  8. Brew your Own Beer

  9. Read a book you have always wanted to read

  10. Write a Letter to your Future Self

  11. Make a Bucket List Vision Board

  12. Binge Watch a TV Series

  13. Make and Bake Bread or Cookies

  14. Research your Family Tree

  15. Learn to Juggle

  16. Learn a Magic Trick

  17. Reconnect with an Old Friend

  18. Learn to Meditate

  19. Write a Thank You Note to Someone Who Deserves It

  20. Volunteer—Virtually!


Additionally, we wanted to share with you daily positive news that has kept us smiling:

Click here to find lots of great news about resilience and acts of kindness during these times!

Stay safe and healthy!