A Little Remodeling Or Furniture Update May Be In Order

Home organization can be difficult, but there are things you can do which are simple, and make getting your home in order a lot less strenuous. First, consider the furniture paradigm you’ve got. Do you have proper storage throughout your house? How are things looking in the basement? How are things looking in the living areas, bedrooms, bathrooms, and kitchen?

If you’ve got existing storage, is it adequate for your needs? Sometimes home organization has less to do with available storage, and more to do with how that storage is used. However, there are often situations where the problem lies in the storage options available.

Buying New Storage Solutions

When you’ve taken stock of all home areas and come to the conclusion you need more, one of your best moves in terms of an organization is to simply acquire that new furniture. This is easier to say than to do. Furniture can be expensive, oftentimes it isn’t built with your specific home in mind. This means you need to conduct a careful search to find the right options.

You’re not only looking at storage capacity, you’re looking at coloration, materials, installation, shipping, and overall size. Sometimes what you want to do is find furniture that has a vertical construction behind it, sometimes you want to build out, or find some option that’s very wide and deep.

The RTA Cabinetry Angle

Additionally, it depends on the specific storage needs you determine after you’ve carefully examined what’s available. What is most ideal is finding furniture options that can be designed to match your specific needs. Along that line of reasoning, there are some considerable options in the areas of RTA cabinetry.

RTA stands for “Ready To Assemble”. Essentially, these sorts of cabinets are designed to be shipped and assembled on your property. There is a similarity to “Ikea”, but the difference lies in the overall design. With RTA options, you can determine the exact specifications of your cabinetry before payment. So you’ll have a greater likelihood of an exact match for your needs.

There are several different RTA options available, and from the right providers, you can get a combination of RTA cabinetry and traditional cabinetry. White shaker cabinets are well-known for their stylistic efficiency and storage capacity. As an example, take a look at this product at Best Online Cabinets, a business that additionally provides RTA options.

Getting Rid Of The Things You Don’t Really Need

Something else that makes space for storage maximization is the elimination of unnecessary clutter. Over time, everybody accumulates possessions that are either out of style, out of value, out of use, or broken beyond functionality. This furniture, appliance, entertainment, and artistic things build up over time and take away space from your home.

Every year or so, you should spend a week going through your house from top to bottom, identifying the clutter, and either donating it, trashing it, or organizing it for a garage sale when the weather is amenable to such an undertaking. Certainly, you could throw everything in the garage or attic, but that just eliminates such spaces from use even while debris gathers dust.

Vertical Storage Options Provide A Lot Of Space

Another good strategy here is to store “vertically”. This was briefly touched on earlier, here’s the idea: most cabinets and storage options tend to be either waist-high or stretch down from the ceiling. However, a wardrobe can be floor-to-ceiling, take up approximately the same space, and have two to three times the available storage potential.

Have You Considered Rearranging The Furniture?

Beyond cleaning house, utilizing better cabinetry storage options, and incorporating vertical solutions, another thing you can do is rearrange the furniture. Sometimes you’re having storage issues owing to a poor layout in varying rooms of your home. “Flush” furniture makes more space available than “diagonal” furniture—for most situations.

Consciously Downsizing Your Home In Terms Of Possessions

It’s also considerable that beyond getting rid of things you no longer use, you might consciously downsize. Oftentimes there are possessions people cling to dearly which ultimately aren’t serving much of a purpose outside sentimental value. That’s certainly a very real and valuable thing. However, if things are very cluttered, it’s something “expendable”.

How many people live in your home, and how often do you host gatherings? If you’ve got a house of five in a home with a basement, main level, bedroom level, and attic, why do you need fifty chairs and fifteen couches? Some of those may not have been used for years—especially when furniture rotation banishes a sofa to the basement, where dust and spiders predominate.

Incorporating Multiple Strategies

So downsize, eliminate clutter, get new cabinets, reorganize furniture, and try to find vertical storage options that provide greater storage capacity for the same footprint as regards available space. Storage strategies of this kind can facilitate more harmonious living arrangements that maximize your use of possessions without tending toward clutter.