I recently sat down with Rhianon Schuman and Joey Hoisescu who form a dynamic duo that is doing great things for their clients. Coming from the fitness world, they bring a fresh approach to real estate in Denver with a positive mindset that is translating into all around success. Enjoy learning more about this great team!


Starting with Rhianon, where are you from originally? And tell me a little bit about what brought you here?

Rhianon: Well, I grew up primarily in New Mexico and then I came out here for college, so I’ve been out here for almost 14 years now. I went to DU and swam competitively there and never really found a reason to leave!


You swam at DU, that is great! Which strokes did you swim?

Rhianon: I specialized in the mile and the 200 butterfly.


Oh, very cool. Interesting. And how about you, Joey, tell me a little bit about where you came from and what brought you here?

Joey: Yeah, I came from San Diego three and a half years ago. I just wanted to get out of San Diego, so I looked at Denver and Portland, Seattle, places like that and settled on Denver. I was drawn in by the mountains and the fact that Denver’s a bustling young city. I liked those aspects.


Great, tell me about how you guys met and how it all happened with working together?

Rhianon: Where the New Era office currently is, was originally my Crossfit gym that Bill Dahly help me find. Then when I was done with that, John took over the lease and turned it into the New Era office. Joey and I met when he was coaching for me at the Crossfit gym doing Olympic weightlifting. Then once I closed the Crossfit gym, John brought me under him to learn from him and to see if I liked working in real estate. I was trying to figure out what to do next. As I got really into real estate and I thought Joey would be good at it. So, he joined me a little bit later.


What an interesting turn of events that lead you into the business.

Joey: We also now have a gym together called the Denver Barbell Club that we opened up three years ago. So, that’s kind of how we knew that we would work well together. So then when it came down to real estate, we decided to team up because she’s good at all the stuff I don’t like and vice versa, so it’s a good partnership.


Oh, that’s great. So, you guys can divide and conquer when it comes to different elements of the job. I imagine it is nice to have the gym as well for networking and meeting a lot of people. Would you agree?

Joey: They gym provides us a “Base Salary” as we often get many deals a year from the gym alone. It’s different because I’m their head coach so there is a lot of trust established already. We’ve helped many of them buy or sell houses and I think coming from a coaching environment where they see that we care about them already helps a lot. The gym setting helps us build trust and translates well to a more serious setting like real estate. Some lenders that we’ve worked with have said they’ve never really seen people trust their agents the way our clients trust us, which is pretty cool. It also puts the pressure on us because they are not just numbers to us, they’re actual people and people that we care about outside of real estate. So, we really don’t want to mess anything up with that.


That’s a good point. It’s kind of like when you sell a home for a friend, right?

Joey: Exactly, they’re all friends.


Right. That is neat how you guys have that tightness of community in what you do. Rhianon, tell me a little bit about how you first connected with the New Era Group?

Rhianon: So, John helped me buy my first house back in 2010 and I stayed in touch with him. So when I was closing down the gym, it ended up being the right time because he was looking for an assistant to help him with his business as well. I didn’t know really at that time if I wanted to go into real estate, if I wanted to be self-employed again or if I just wanted the nine to five job with the security of a paycheck. But then, I really liked how he worked with people and the process of real estate and the community that New Era offers. Everyone has really good energy and just makes the job a lot of fun. I learned from John how much fun the job could be and how rewarding it is to help people.


That is great. Are there other aspects you like about the New Era Group community?

Rhianon: Yeah, it’s really nice knowing that you have a group of 60 agents who are all like-minded and professional. So, for instance, when Joey and I go snowboarding, it’s really nice to know that there are a lot of agents who can fill in and help our clients out when we were gone. That way we can actually unwind and unplug for a little bit instead of worrying about business the whole time we are gone.


That’s a great point — it allows you two to be able to recharge.

Rhianon: Yeah, it is also great to have people like John around who have seen just about every possibly situations in real estate who we can use as a resource. So it is great for us to have the knowledge of the whole team behind us too.


Right. I noticed you guys had just won an award recently from Your Castle Real Estate. Is that right?

Rhianon: Your Castle has their awards based on production level and we had a great year last year and got the Platinum Award. We also got top 50 agents at Your Castle from last year and then I got top second-year agent as well, so that was exciting.


That’s great! Always fun to win awards. Switching gears, tell me a little bit about your home life and what you guys like to do?

Rhianon: Yeah, never a dull moment in our household. We have the three dogs. I came in with the two Dachshunds, Dexter and Frank and then Joey has a Chocolate Lab named Coco. So those are our “fur kids”. In terms of what we like to do, in the winter we like to get up to the mountains and go snowboarding. And we like to travel as well. We’re still trying to figure out our favorite summer activities here as neither of us are big hikers but we really enjoy being around town.


What are some of the other things you like about Downtown Denver?

Joey: We like to meet up with friends and go out to dinner. It seems like there’s a new restaurant and bar opening every minute in Denver, so that’s keeps it interesting. The downtown scene here keeps getting better, especially since I originally moved here.


Right. I’m sure that gives you insights into what areas are hot?

Joey: Yeah. I think Aurora has a really bad rap for a number of reasons that happened a long time ago. But coming from San Diego specially, there’s places in San Diego that really aren’t worth the money that we’re able to pay or that people are able to charge for homes there and people still end up paying it because they just want to live there. I think Denver is probably the only place I’ve lived where I’ve seen people want to live in a city as much as they wanted to live in San Diego. I tell people, “Look, in 10 years, there’s not going to be an Aurora and Denver is just going to be one.” And it pretty much already is, you cross one street, you’re in Aurora, you cross the other, you’re in Denver. So, for our first time homebuyers with $250 to $350K to spend who are looking for a single-family home, we often take them near Stanley Marketplace to show them that area. Sometimes we’ll even surprise them and just say, “Hey, why don’t we have coffee or lunch at Stanley Marketplace?” They walk into a place they have never been there ask, “what is this?” and we tell them that they’re in Aurora! So that opens them up to different areas. It seems lately a lot of people want to live in Sunnyside but Sunnyside and Highlands, Berkeley, and some of those areas have gotten really expensive. We live in Clayton and we try and show people the 80205 zip code.  Curtis Park and Whittier have become pretty expensive but in areas like Cole and Clayton, there are still some deals here. Plus it is a five minute drive from RiNo and we can walk there in less than a half hour during the summer.

So I think those are areas that people haven’t really considered because they just really didn’t know about them. We try and show them developments in new, mixed-use retail spaces that are going in and some fun things to do in those neighborhoods that they haven’t really considered before.


Oh, that’s neat. I like the way you’re cognizant of the buyer’s budget range and think outside the box for how they can get into the right property and still be close to what they’re looking for. Do you notice that there’s preconceived notions of neighborhoods that get in the way of people finding the right home? And how do you handle that specifically?

Rhianon: Yes, we had this client who really liked the LoHi North area, and after we were done with showings we took him to Central Market for lunch and he didn’t even know RiNo existed. So we just drove him down there and then they ended up closing on a really cute Victorian that they would have never been able to afford in LoHi. And they’re even closer to all the bars and restaurants than we are. So they’re super excited and happy to be over here.


Great. Do you have favorite real estate success story where things came together really nicely?

Joey: We had a client who bought a garden level studio in Capitol Hill. Every year we do home wellness check with our buyers, so near the anniversary of their purchase, we sit down with them and make sure everything is going well. We tell them about refi options and what their home is currently worth. In this case, she bought a condo for $181,000 and when I sat down with her I said, “You know, if we were going to list it, we’d list it for $205K.” So, she was really open to using her budget as best she could and we helped her find a condo that was a really nice step up for her and ended up making $25,000 on the deal. Considering most people pay $25,000 in rent in Denver a year she flipped the equation and made that amount in appreciation. So that was great to see.


It must be fun to be part of that win for her. It is great to see you guys thriving and loving what you do.

Rhianon: We just really enjoy real estate and getting to help a lot our friends. We get to work with a lot of first time homebuyers to help them take this first step in their financial futures. It’s exciting to watch people make better financial decisions and get to reap the rewards. So we’re really happy to help people make that transition.


Excellent! Hey, thank you two for your time and have a great year ahead!


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Joey’s bio is coming soon!