My life goal has always been to be of service to my community. Starting at age 15, I found the business of service. Starting out as a server and evolving into a student studying Social Work, my mission to help has always been supported. Post-graduate school, I had a strong belief that the only way to help was through working in human services, so inevitably I worked in clinical social work for years and following the path of becoming a licensed therapist. When my initial career as a social worker didn’t fill my cup, real estate landed in my lap and it has allowed me to show up for clients in ways I’ve never seen before in this industry.

What did I find through my process? I found that it was essential to take the time to fill up my cup before I could effectively give to others. While still in social work, I started to think, “maybe it is possible to work a job serving others and also feel fulfilled.” I quit my job as a social worker. I did not know what was next but knew there was something that was meant for me.

I realized that real estate could be my medium through which I use my passion and values to help others.

Becoming a Realtor allowed me to support my community through mindfully guiding individuals through buying and selling real estate. I believe that real estate changes lives. I believe this so much that I purchased my first home at the age of 29, something I never felt was possible. Experiencing the feeling of manifesting my own home has given me a sureness and an all-knowing that investing in real estate is a life changer and propelled me to more effectively serve my clients.

My unique approach to real estate has evolved and today. I have learned to let go of preconceptions of how a Realtor “should” be, and have given myself permission to show-up fully, 100% my authentic-self. And as the Law of Attraction states, I attract clients with similar values. The clients I work with are trusting of the process, ready to make aligned change in their life and are fully invested in the growth that comes from making the major life decision of buying or selling real estate. They’re seeking guidance throughout the process… and that’s where I come in.

When you work with me, you will be guided every step of the way — from the initial Buyer or Seller Consultation through Closing – and for any future needs.

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