If you’re looking for fun ways to keep the kids entertained now that you’re living here in the Mile High city, you’ll find no shortage of things to do. Ask locals about the hottest attractions for family fun and you’ll come away with activities to fill your calendar for months. With so many options at your disposal, I’ve narrowed down the list of local favorites. Check out these top seven activities for kids in Denver.


Denver Zoo

You can’t take the kids out for a day of fun without a trip to the Denver Zoo. If your young ones love to see animals, knock their socks off with Denver’s world class exhibits. The first must see attraction is the elephant exhibit. The Denver Zoo is world famous for their 10-acre elephant spectacle. As one of the largest elephant showcases in North America, you’ll enjoy watching these majestic animals roam in their natural habitat. Once you finish walking through two miles of elephant territory, stop by Bear Mountain to visit the black bears and grizzly’s. This unique exhibit showcases the bears at eye level without the interference of a cage or fence surrounding the animals. The innovative design will immerse you in the wild from a safe distance. Make the next stop on your exploration the indoor Bird World habitat. Here you’ll discover multiple bird species housed in a beautiful exhibit that overlooks the entire zoo. Enjoy several other favorites by exploring over 80 acres of animals spread throughout the Denver zoo. 


Downtown Aquarium

If your child is more impressed by sea creatures than land animals, stop by the Aquarium in downtown Denver. With over 5,000 fish and other species, kids will stay entertained for hours with an underwater display you won’t find anywhere else. Feel as if you’re standing in the middle of a shark colony or a large school of fish as you walk through the aquarium’s underwater tunnel and several elaborate viewing rooms. You’ll see fish, reptiles, mammals, and birds in a variety of interesting exhibits throughout the aquarium.


Butterfly Pavilion

Keep the nature expedition alive by spending a few hours at the Butterfly Pavilion. This well-known city treasure is only 20 minutes north of downtown. Step into the atrium where 1,600 free flying butterflies call home. Walk around this natural exhibit and you’ll be greeted by many different butterfly species all living together in harmony. After you finish exploring the atrium, wander over to the Crawl-a-see-em and meet Rosie the tarantula. If your kids are curious about insects, they’ll have the opportunity to touch and feel many of the different critters inside the pavilion. Kids will also uncover several insects along the nature trail as they stroll the path through the outdoor gardens. Walk several miles of outdoor landscape and enjoy some of nature’s most interesting creations.


Jumpstreet Indoor Trampoline Park

If your kids need to burn off some energy, plan a visit to Jumpstreet. This indoor fun center is Denver’s trampoline capital. Wall-to-wall trampolines will keep the family entertained for hours. Individuals of all ages have the freedom to bounce around, shoot hoops, play dodgeball, or springboard into the giant ball pit. Kids can even test their bull riding skills with a turn on the mechanical bull. With so many games and activities, the kids will never want to leave.


Children’s Museum

If your kids are below the age of eight, you won’t want to pass up a trip to the Children’s Museum. Set aside a few hours of your day for your little ones to create, investigate, explore, and imagine at the Children’s Museum. Immerse your child in areas like The Big Backyard, Box Canyon, and Joy Park. These attractions encourage kids to run, climb, swing, and crawl through unique obstacles designed just for them. Let your child’s imagination run wild in the Book Nook and other play zones that include a fire station, vet clinic, and a dentist’s office. Participants can also visit the museum’s art studio to create their own masterpiece by drawing, painting, and constructing objects from recycled materials. Kids can even test their skills in the kitchen by preparing a meal with the help of a Colorado chef-in-residence. The Denver Children’s Museum is a great place for your kids to have fun and develop new skills at the same time.


Elitch Gardens

During the summer months, take the family to Elitch Gardens amusement park. Elitch Gardens is full of signature rides for all ages. The Denver theme park is known as the “thrill capital” of Colorado. Test your nerves on the Mega Wedgie water slide that stands six stories tall and drops riders at a whopping 40 miles per hour. If you like to spin, check out the new Star Flyer ride, which spins passengers through the sky 17 stories above ground. Riders experience the thrill of rotating through the clouds at 50 miles per hour. With over 50 rides spread across 65 acres of amusement, Elitch Gardens is an all-day family affair that you won’t want to miss.


Denver Trolley

If you’re heading to downtown Denver you might notice a trolley touring the streets. The famous Denver trolley is modeled after the hit TV series Mister Rodgers’ Neighborhood. Hop on the trolley for a trip through downtown. Parents can enjoy learning about the rich history of Denver with a narrated tour while the kids have fun riding through town on a classic trolley car.


Come discover why Denver, Colorado is one of the best places for family fun. For a list of even more kid friendly activities throughout Denver and the surrounding areas, give me a call today.

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