Painting the interior of your home as you prepare to sell it is easy and one of the most inexpensive ways to increase the appeal and selling price of your home. Many folks feel that off white is always a go to color because it is neutral and should not offend a potential buyer. In a recent Coloradoan article Kerrie Diggs, a home designer from California, indicated that “Fresh, natural-looking wall colors, including sage green, wheat yellow and light tan, blend well across design styles and help future buyers easily envision themselves living in the space.” Further, another interior designer, Larry Greene of Indianapolis felt that “repainting in light, neutral colors like grays, tans, light yellows and other pale muted tones, which can make rooms feel bigger and more spacious.”

Factors Impacting the Choice of Paint Color

Your current carpeting, hardwood floors or tiles should be considered when settling on a paint color for any given room. Lighting can also impact how the room will appear. Artificial and natural light brings out colors in different ways. By painting sample colors on construction paper or poster boards and placing them in a room, one can get an idea as to how a particular color will look as the light in the room changes its appearance throughout the day.

Focusing on the rooms that will be the first seen by a potential buyer is important. The colors in these rooms should look good together as the buyer moves through the house. The changes they see in color should be not be starkly contrasting and above all, they should be more or less neutral and pleasing to most everyone.

We once listed a home with dark rich red walls, bright yellow ceilings and a dark brown carpet. The owners chose these colors because of their heritage and cultural tastes. It was beautiful, but it was on the market for quite a long time because of the paint colors. I got feedback from many Realtors indicating that their buyers would walk in and walk out because of the colors. We finally sold it to another family with a background similar to that of the owners – it was love at first sight for this family.

Choosing colors can be difficult and the services offered by a good paint outlet could be very helpful. They should have the knowledge and expertise to offer you choices of color that would help you sell your home quickly and at the best price possible.

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