The real estate market goes up and down like a roller coaster. Currently it is favoring sellers in a big way in Northern Colorado. We can help buyers know what they need to do to competitively prepared to get the home that they want.

Start Looking for a Home Early:

We can help buyers get a feel for the market by offering them the use of our self search tool here on our website. This will allow them to get familiar with homes in locations that appeal to them. Doing so initially will allow them to conduct research without feeling the pressure to hurry up and make an offer.

Determine Top Priorities:

Decide where you can compromise and where you won’t before you start actually shopping for a home. Separate your wants from your needs. In a seller’s market buyer have to often compromise on location, condition of a home and amenities.

Set up Financing:

Get preapproved for a mortgage before you look any homes. Preapproved is not the same as prequalification. Preapproval means you have proven you are fully qualified to buy a home when your offer is submitted. For more information on why you need to interface with a lender first can be found at in a great blog on mortgages here on our website.

Be Prepared to Act Quickly:

When a new listing appears, you may only have hours to submit an offer in a seller’s market. Stop what you are doing and go see the property as soon as you can. Buying a home too quickly on impulse or too quickly can be risky, but spending too much time analyzing a decision in a seller’s market could mean you might lose a shot a getting your dream home.

For specific questions about buying a home in a seller’s market in the Fort Collins area, please call us at 970-412-1657.