A seller I once had – who ended up dropping me and going with another Realtor – made a huge financial mistake. He would not reduce his selling price from $1,100,000 to $1,000,000. I had counseled him to take the deal, as the buyer was flexible on other important factors. He had a unique property that would attract only a limited number of buyers and this was a cash offer. It was 2009 and home prices were just starting to fall rapidly. It stayed on the market for over a year after we parted company and he ended up desperately selling it for $850,000.

He would not take my counsel and he did not understand that one normally has to lose something when negotiations take place. To get a deal done you have to give up something to ultimately get what you really want.

Keeping the Sale Alive

Staying with an offer and trying to negotiate a way to closure of a sale involves keeping both parties aware of what they really want. Buyers and Sellers with stubbornness about them are difficult to work with and often they will not listen to their agents. Working with clients like this usually result in things not working out well and opportunities for achieving their ultimate goal is delayed or lost. They do not understand that Realtors are like mediators who have skills at negotiating and can work through details without getting emotionally tied up in the process.

Working Toward a Win-Win Solution

Being inflexible generally means a deal won’t go far. One’s client needs to understand that a Realtor’s job, as their advocate does not mean that we will agree with them on every demand they make and want presented in negotiations – a good Realtor helps his client understand that one needs to keep the other person’s perspective in mind and understand that to be able to finish a deal it has to be a win-win solution for both parties. It is our job to make the transaction as trouble free as possible and get to closing as quickly as possible so that everyone can move ahead with their desired plans. The goal is to have everyone comfortable, excited and as ease with the sale at closing. For more information about how we can help buyer and sellers move successfully through a real estate transaction, please give us a call at 970-412-1657.

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